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A regional event with local ambassadors

The C4E Forum is an event for the entire CEE region in the broadest possible sense. It is not bound to a single country, instead, it travels around the region: in 2016 it took place in Bulgaria, in 2018 it will be in Poland and in 2020 a different location will be selected again.

To ensure that we have a good representation from all countries in the region, we would like to establish a network of special supporters – the C4E Ambassadors.

Who are the C4E Ambassadors?

People who are active in the energy efficiency sector and are keen to help us promote the C4E Forum in their country can become C4E Ambassadors. They can help us in following ways:

  • Promote the C4E Forum in their country through networks and events.
  • Identify key government officials and other crucial stakeholders in energy efficiency policy in their country and suggest the best way to invite them to the event.
  • Pinpoint key issues in their country.
  • In countries where more than one person wants to become a C4E Ambassador, we form a Country Hub. Each Country Hub appoints one person as the informal coordinator who then liaises with the C4E Organising Committee.

Thank you to our current C4E Ambassadors

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina - Iva Svobodova
  • Bulgaria - Tsvetelena Mladenova, Dragomir Tzanev
  • Croatia - Anđelka Toto Ormuž
  • Czech Republic - Petr Holub
  • Hungary - Gabi Szalai
  • Poland - Katarzyna Wardal
  • Romania - Mihai Moia
  • Serbia - Andjelina Kuzmanovic
  • Slovakia - Peter Robl
  • Ukraine - Anna Ackermann, Anna Dukhno

Would you like to become a C4E Ambassador?

If you have the drive to mobilise your contacts in one or more CEE countries in the role of a C4E Ambassador, get in touch with us today at info@c4eforum.net