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Closing talk and party

Closing talk by Mr Boyko Vassilev: "Surviving without the truth"

We are happy that we were able to secure an inspirational speaker for the closing talk and that our invitation was accepted by Mr Boyko Vassilev, a renown Bulgarian journalist.

Mr Vassilev worked as a war reporter, political commentator and documentarist and also an interviewer of numerous global leaders including  G. W. Bush, T. Blair, or G. Schroeder.

Mr Vassilev will inspire us with a speech on a world of fake news and alternative facts entitled Surviving without the truth.

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The talk will be followed by a closing party with live music another signature element of the C4E Forum the participants have come to expect.

Keeping in mind the Central and Eastern Europe characteristics of the event we have found a band called BalkanArtz.


Through the music that the 4 musicians perform they represent their vision of the musical heritage of the Balkans. Each one introduces a nuance coming from personal musical experience: Adam has been playing flamenco for many years already, Marcin adds a spicy Hungarian rock'n'roll feeling, Olga breathes and sings Romania, Nikolay brings a Bulgarian fragment to the musical puzzle. The name of the band comes from "Arc" which means "face" in Hungarian, and the musicians invite listeners to get to know their face of the Balkan music.

Check out what to expect.