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Who are our participants?

C4E Forum had already two editions, in 2016 in Balchik, Bulgaria and in 2018 in Serock, Poland.

Key stats about our participants:

  • C4E Forum grows. in 2016 we had some 180 participants, in 2018 already 210 (17% up). Number of parallel panel sessions grew from 16 to 23 which allowed for 71 presentations (up from 50).
  • C4E Forum is focused on the CEE region. More than 70% of participants are from the CEE region, in 2018 even 77%.
  • C4E Forum strives to bring stakeholders from all sectors including government, business and civic sector together. Our participants are fairly evenly from all these sectors. We are especially proud to have had over 30% of government representatives in 2018.
  • C4E Forum takes gender equality seriously. We put a lot of effort to have both genders well represented among speakers, panel leaders and we are happy that we achieved almost perfect gender balance in 2018 (50.5% : 49.5%)
  • C4E Forum bring together people from 20+ countries, more specifically 29 in 2016 and 25 in 2018.

For details please check the charts below.

Map of countries represented in 2018