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What participants said about C4E Forum

To understand what was good and what went wrong at the C4E Forum, we conducted a post-event survey after both editions. Below you can see the results in a comparative view.


2016 Balchik

2018 Serock

Response rate



What makes the C4E stand out? (Top reasons to participate)

1.       The focus on CEE region 

2.       The mix of stakeholders from across sectors (government, business, civil society)

3.       The presence of high-level speakers from business, national level and EU level


1.       The mix of different stakeholders and diverse perspectives is very rich

2.       It has unique focus on the CEE region

3.       It gives me great informal environment to build my network

4.       It is interactive, not just full of frontal presentations

How many new connections did you make at C4E Forum?


On average 9 new connections

The most valuable connections are those between peers from the same sector but different country (e.g. government to government between countries).


On average 9 new connections

Did you take part in some side meetings?


74% did (41% in more than one such meeting) which means C4E works also as a networking platform

Did you learn something new?


40% yes, a lot of new impulses

50% here and there something new

10% not really


53% yes, a lot of new impulses

44% here and there something new

3% not really

Are you going to come back in 2018?

[On a scale 5=definitely yes to 1=definitely no]


Average: 3.75


23% definitely yes

35% probably yes

37% maybe

5% probably not

0% definitely not

Average: 4.42


58% definitely yes

26% probably yes

16% maybe

0% probably not

0% definitely not

Would you recommend the C4E Forum to a colleague?

[On a scale 5=definitely yes to 1=definitely no]


Average: 4.30


44% definitely yes

46% probably yes

7% maybe

3% probably not

0% definitely not

Average: 4.55


66% definitely yes

23% probably yes

11% maybe

0% probably not

0% definitely not


Rating of different parts of programme 

All parts of programme were rated consistently at around 3.6 points (on a scale 1 = very bad, 4 = very good)

Best three panel sessions:

  1. How to set up a renovation programme for Single-family buildings, Panel Leader: Peter Robl
  2. Renovation of public buildings, Panel Leader: Susanne Dyrbøl
  3. Local action to improve quality of life, Panel Leader: Marta Bromboszcz

Best three workshops:

  1. VELUX & ROCKWOOL: Improvement of air quality, indoor climate, energy efficiency and innovations
  2. Boyko Vassilev: “YOU AND YOUR MESSAGE. How to give interviews for TV?”
  3. Visegrad Fund: Buildings for the Visegrad Future

Other interesting findings

  • The most powerful channel to learn about C4E is via a colleague (60% of participants learned about C4E Forum that way). Hence your help in spreading the word is very appreciated!
  • The best way of networking is working together in smaller break-out groups in sessions (67%). We are committed to continue using this format in the next editions as well.

Some kind quotes by our participants:

  • A unique opportunity to learn, network and contribute in a simple, but efficient setting
  • Discovering and understanding the unique challenges that face CEE countries as they strive to introduce and implement energy efficiency policies? Then do not miss the C4E Forum!
  • C4E Forum is a unique event that combines a learning-rich environment with effective networking in an informal atmosphere. This is the only event I know that bring special attention to the CEE region as a whole.
  • The best event on energy efficiency in CEE!
  • Nice event with great professionals
  • Yes, we can... change the future!
  • Great place to meet, share and gather information with energy enthusiast professionals.
  • You just need to provide the space for people of the same interest and they will figure it out
  • This was my first Forum where I could learn about EE issues of other countries, like V4 countries, Ukraine, BiH, Romania or Armenia. Good to know that there are many professionals in our region who are committed to sustainable building culture.
  • C4E Forum is a unique event: both informal and formal, practical and theoretical, good opportunity to work and have time to relax. Can suggest it to all those interested about energy efficiency to get to know better what's happening in the world, in the region and own country. And as the best addition, C4E is a wonderful opportunity to meet like-minded people and make great contacts!
  • Great location, great discussions, great connections
  • One of the best conference in my professional life
  • Energy efficiency open minds
  • It's rare to find a conference which would embrace professional cooperation, support of young professionals, gender equality and most of all creation of genuine friendships as much as this one.
  • Every good starts with people and their relationships, especially from different nations. C4E Forum helps you understand that.