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Renovation Wave Initiative is a hot topic for Autumn 2020. Its details were announced by the European Commision on 14 October and shortly after we enabled the discussion of the EU Officials and the CEE countries representatives. Discussions will include the renovation programs in their countries and how this new initiative and synergies with the additional New Generation EU/Recovery funds can help to increase the level of deep energy renovation

Since the Central and Eastern Energy Efficiency Forum 2020 in Poiana Brasov is postponed to April 2021 due to COVID pandemic and we didn’t want to waste the momentum, we decided to organize a meeting of the energy efficiency community in a webinar.

A summary of the webinar is available here



Representatives of the EU level:

Kadri Simson

European Union Commissioner for Energy

Karlis Goldstein

Energy efficiency advisor to Commissioner Simson



Representatives of the CEE region:

Jan Kříž (Czech Republic)

Deputy Minister of the Environment 

Ivo Milatić (Croatia)

Deputy Minister of Energy and Environment


Dragoș PÎSLARU (Romania)

Member of the European Parliament 

Zhecho Stankov (Bulgaria)

Deputy Minister of Energy 



Moderator and Host:

Monica Frassoni

President EU-ASE

Horia Petran

C4E Forum



  1. Welcome and Introduction - Horia Petran and Monica Frassoni
  2. Opening presentation of Renovation Wave Initiative - Kadri Simson
  3. Panel discussion - How can the European Commission and the member states work together to get the renovation wave done? - Kadri Simson and the CEE representatives
  4. Q&A session and poll-vote 
  5. Panel discussion - Karlis Goldstein and the CEE representatives
    • What are the biggest opportunities of the renovation wave?
    • How can the renovation wave help overcome renovation challenges in CEE?
    • How is coherence of the renovation wave with existing European programmes ensured (e.g. cohesion funds; JTF)
  6. Q&A session
  7. Conclusions and closing - Monica Frassoni and Horia Petran 


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And last but not least don't forget about the C4E Forum which will take place in Poiana Brasov, Romania between 21-24 April 2021.